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The land according to Gu

Agriturismo Le Terre di GU - Loc. Pranzo

The land according to Gu

The land according to Gu

an ecological circular pyramid

Gu’s Method began in 2010 with the recovery of abandoned land that is difficult to cultivate but has very high environmental value. At Le Terre di Gu, we put the needs of an ecosystem before the need to produce, and therefore we use extensive crops adapted to the characteristics of the land.

Gu’s lands are cultivated following a single principle: the preservation and increase of their ecological capacities, seen as part of a whole that contains them, in a pyramid of the energy needs of a zero-impact agroecosystem, because it is ecological and circular.

From the most extensive at the bottom, to the most specialized at the top, the pyramid represents how acreage is distributed in the agroecosystem of Gu’s lands. At the base of the pyramid are the forests, meadows, and pastures to feed the Grigio Alpina cattle with only fresh grass in summer and self-produced hay in winter. The cows provide us with manure, the only manure on our farm, which we compost for almost a year so that it improves the chemical and physical properties of the soil while also increasing water retention capacity.

After the pasture meadows we have 450 olive trees that give us pure, clean, and polyphenol-rich extra virgin oil; going up further we have chestnut, plum, apple and pear trees of ancient varieties, then the terraced vegetable gardens that give us vegetables, herbs, tubers and organic legumes in season. At the highest tip of the pyramid are the small fruits: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. At the apex, the end consumer.

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